Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The World of Sweet Valley Revisited

My previous post about Sweet Valley High movie was something quite unexpected. What is even more surprising is the news that Diablo Cody is writing it and planning on taking it back to the 1980's where it originally began. I really love that idea and who knows if we might see some of the things in the cover arts in action! (That is my idea, not something I have read.)

The latest news is that the creator Francine Pascal is writing the next series called Sweet Valley Confidential with the twins as adults in their late twenties or early thirties. She promises that we will be shocked and fans have been speculating what that could mean. There is also a lot of people wondering who we will see again besides Elizabeth and Jessica.

I am going to admit that I am going to the movie when it comes out and going to read at least the first book of the new series. This is guilty pleasure of mine and I cannot hold back my peaked curiousity. I have read at least one book from every Sweet Valley series. I started reading them in elementary school. Sweet Valley Twins books were in my library in ugly brown hardbacks with blocked white writing on the sides. I remember going to Ben Franklin and my mother bought as many as she could for me when the store went out of business. I kept the books I liked while going through them a few years ago and donated the rest to the library.

I have wondered for years what the twins would be like as adults, especially now that I am one. I am hoping if this comes out as a series that it will be more strutured for the adult readers. I may be stretching it, but I can hope. I am curious to see how things like Facebook and cell phones will change their interactions with people from their past. It will probably depend on the storyline.

I would maybe like to see the twins as reunited after some time. Possibly one of twins moved to New York City to chase their dream (Jessica for acting, Liz for journalism). I think some minor success would be great, but not very much. I think they should be on the verge of a great opportunity that have been working for, but haven't already attained. I think one of the twins will need to make a big decision or seek change. And, of course, they turn to each other and their friends to help them decide. Otherwise...

I would like to see Elizabeth as a Lois Lane-like reporter. In a Sweet Valley Twins book, The Charm School Mystery, is what I always wished for Elizabeth's spirit as reporter. She was twelve years old in the book, but it really brought out the adventurous part of her character. I like to see her single and she has some source that will eventually become her love interest. Also, she keeps going on stories that relate to old friends or connections.

Jessica wanted to act, but I don't see her doing it. I see her possibly working in theater and taking joy in the attention of being behind the scenes. I imagine her as being fashionable with some fake glasses and making costumes. Maybe she will be a newlywed, and then a bunch of things in her past come into her life that she never told her husband (and who knows what that could be!). Maybe something happens at the community theater she works for and Elizabeth needs to come in to report and solve the case?

Lila and Bruce were married, but on the verge of having a nasty divorce. They will have two kids and run a charitable organization. They then find out that there are some illegal actions happening in the organization and they distrust each other more. Eventually, they realize that it isn't either one of them and somehow they can fall in love again.

Todd is a cop with a mustache. Could he be Elizabeth's source, or secretly in love with his work partner?

Winston hosts a popular podcast where he can crack jokes, talk about geeky things and interview different people. He is a single dad with a little girl. What awkward things can happen to him?

Wishful Thinking: I would love to see Mandy Miller, from Sweet Valley Twins and The Unicorn Club books. I don't know why, but I really liked her. I think she had the most refreshing first person voice out of all the books, and really, that is why she became President of the club. Maybe she could become Winston's love interest?

Now that was fun! It really entertaining to see what everyone's takes on the new series will be over the next year as we wait.


Update: Review of the book that I was actually expecting (which is really too bad). The end quote is what I was afraid of: "And as much as you long to see what your favorite youthful literary characters became when they grew up, that longing dissipates quickly when you learn the answer is 'idiots.'" Check out the review if you don't mind spoilers to see what she means. It is a bit of a shame, really.


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