Monday, February 1, 2010


Last night I watched a video of an author with bookshelves behind her. I could recognize the spines of a lot of them, and then I was a bit sad.

I have been reading quite a bit on my nook, but really, will e-books give you a badge of honor that you can show people when you are finished?

I am reading a lot more than ever already this year. I am doing audio books, my e-books, and regular books. I am thinking of taking a break and catching up on some comics based on the TV show Angel. My reading has really taken a new direction over this past year.

Reading has always been my favorite thing, even as a child. I knew at age ten that I wanted to write because I loved to read so much. We had great programs in school, like Pizza Hut's Book It where we collected stickers on pins they gave us. If we collected so many stickers, we earned a free personal pan pizza. What can you not like about that? It was just something extra for myself who loved to read and we collected a few free books as prizes from our teachers.

I am just so happy that I am now loving comics books and have access to both e-books and audio books on top of "regular" books. I now can do what I love most even more, and I guess, the badge of honor really comes from being able to say that I read that and walked in so many shoes. I am still going to buy hard copies, but maybe just not as many. I guess, maybe, I am just cutting down on the heavy things to lift the next time we decide to move. That, and I am reading things I might not have enjoyed before. How can I complain about that?


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