Monday, January 18, 2010

Proper Introductions are in order....

Last month was a real hard after the loss of our beloved cat, Cherrie. Our house was empty and we knew that we couldn't wait long to add more love to our home. We also knew that Cherrie would want us to take care of some kitties the way we took care of her over the years. So, we decided on getting two kittens. Joey wanted two girls, or at least one girl, and I didn't disagree. So, one night, we went to the FM Humane Society after I did some looking online for local places that had kittens.

While searching, I fell in love with a little calico named Ducky and I knew I wanted to take her home. She had three sisters, all named after The Land Before Time characters. Once we looked at them, we realized she was the quiet one and the others were quite hyper. We weren't sure what other one to take.

We looked at plenty of other girl kittens, and I was getting overwhelmed after about an hour. A few that we liked were waiting for approval for their homes. Others were black, and Joey couldn't handle the sight of their black ears. (He took Cherrie's blood for her diabetes often and it reminded him too much of her.)

We knew that we wanted the calico Ducky. I was totally in love with her, and after looking at all the girls, I suggested we look at the boys. There was a gray and white boy that caught my eye. So, we had them open the cage, and when I took Gully (his mom was Fern, both named after FernGully) in my arms, I knew that he was ours. Joey touched him and agreed.

We took the kitties home the next day, and they settled in perfectly in our home. We renamed the boy Topher (possibly after the Dollhouse character). Joey named him instantly, saying that "he looks like a Topher". Sophie was given her name the night we took her home. We had Ponyo, Haru, and Sophie picked out from Miyazaki movies. However, Sophie (from Howl's Moving Castle) was the winner.

We found out that they love taking turns playing with their play mouse. That she likes soft toys and he likes hard plastic ones. That she eats treats twice as fast as he does and to then we need to pull her away so she doesn't gobble up his! Topher likes the crook of our arms and Sophie likes our laps (especially when I am on the computer!). Sophie also loves my shoulder. Topher likes to stretch out as far as he can, especially on top of Sophie. He likes to use licking to protect himself (we put caps on their nails) and keeps his tongue out when he is done sometimes. Sophie likes to talk a lot in the kitchen.

Today is our one month kitty anniversary! Tonight we will celebrate on the couch, kitties in our lap, with some playing in between.


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