Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More than Words

Sometimes I feel like there is more than words that come out when I write. There are moments, emotions, worlds, actions... so much that I sometimes I just don't have any real control over them. They just happen. (The editing process is different, but that's another story).

I have been completely awful with my writing goals. We went on vacation, and when we returned, we were house hunting, then moving, trying to get our life back in order, and then the holidays came with pain and trying to find our legs again.

Writing really is a type of therapy to me, and sometimes I resist it. I need to learn now, in 2010, to not do that! I finally wrote another 1100 words, and reached over 80,000 words, in the current novel I am working in. I started it a year ago and I am ready to finish it. I want to start editing. I am so proud of the ideas of this book that I hope that I can share it someday.

What a great feeling, something that takes more than words at this moment to describe.


Picture: Outside my yard in Concrete, ND. I always knew where to look for the rainbow.

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