Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mixing Paint

Lately, I feel like I am mixing paint, trying to figure out what kind of shade of color I want to become, for people to see, or I will see in the mirror.

My favorite color is blue. Blue of the night sky, blue of the day sky. Blue of the waters, blue of the eyes of strangers. I don't think blue means sad to me, but it brings a sense of calm. Of freedom, like the air of the sky, droplets of water on the skin. And someday, I want that to reflect in my eyes.
I was listening to a podcast and I heard a story that caused an idea to form in my head. It started as something simple, something I could even relate to, and it started to take form. I thought to myself, what can I make different? The story would be set in modern times, another part of our own world. Something I have dared once, but it still ended up in Faery for 90% of the book (a book I have since abandoned). I didn't want vampires, or werewolves, or faeries to be the main basis of the story. The question kept swirling in my mind, like mouthwash in your mouth and I couldn't wait until I could spit it out, to be left with not a clean mouth, but a clear idea.

Then it arrived. I now know three things for sure, but still working on the world building. It is strange trying to develop a world within your own, one that people will truly believe.
I received a catalog in the mail recently to take some local community classes. They range from cooking to computers to personal growth. I thought it was a neat idea and went online to see if they have writings ones (I accidently threw the catalog). They do have some online writing classes that are $85. They last for six weeks, twice a week. I have six classes that I wouldn't mind taking.

I want so much to become a better writer. I graduated from college almost five years ago. I think some type of refresher course, with some new information, might do some wonders. Then, I realized that I should try to see my needs for becoming a better writer and maybe it would be better to join some type of writing organization. I could then meet contacts to help critique and be part of a community.

Not sure what I will do yet, but it is a little fun researching all the options.


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