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"The afternoon glow is brightening the bamboos, the fountains are bubbling with delight, the soughing of the pines is heard in our kettle. Let us dream of evanescence, and linter in the beautiful foolishness of things." - Kakuzo Okakura

December is a time of reflection that I can never ignore, and some of it is foolish and not very beautiful. As time goes on, that feeling is less and less. For years now, I have made lists of what I would like to see of myself the following year. When I was young, my mother gave me a unicorn glitter globe that I had sit next to my bed. I would tape that list to the bottom of the globe, and when the new year arrived, I would read it and replace it. Funny, but every year without looking, I somehow accomplished the things I set out for myself. I do it even now still.

I will be posting tw…


I am thankful for trees, pumpkin seeds, good health, Aero bars, the internets, Stonehenge, spices, tea, art, new home, zombie movies, cats, comics, stories, being green, friends, Hello Kitty headphones, polar bears, family, boba, guitar solos, smoke free, Cookie Monster, sectional couches, farmers, Rock Band, dreams, kindness, 101 Cookbooks, cosmos, lion statues, new beginnings, and true love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Strange November, e-books, and writing update

It has been a strange November, but really, it has been a strange here in North Dakota. Weatherwise. Last month we had lots of rain- about twenty one days of it. It snowed some in there. Now, towards the end of November, we have had so much sun that brings up people's moods and weather that I hope lasts throughout the whole season.

I did a lot of catching up this week. I found my notes for KIN and the secret short story project. I typed up the handwritten pages and am now ready to start writing the last scenes of the novel. I am almost at 79,000 words, which means I am almost 30,000 words more than I had thought. This book has taken a life of its own, and I am really looking forward to editing it.
The Nook comes out in the next few weeks. I am trying to gather a list of e-books that I would like to invest in. I am also really hopeful that my plans to do some editing with it will work. I am trying not to think of it too much since I don't want to grow impatient. It doesn't…


I am feeling much better today on this Sunday with the sun shining and church bells going off in th distance. I am one of the lucky ones and only caught a cold. I have consumed my fair share of tea, cough drops, and medicine. My husband took good care of me while I rested on our couch and went to bed early. In a way, it felt like I was on a vacation where I could just take my mind off things.
Also, being sick like that makes a person appreciate their health and how much they can accomplish when they are feeling well. This was the week I was going to get my stuff together. That didn't exactly pan out the way I had hoped. Still, that is part of the journey.
We just started watching Smallville, and I have been noticing the people that he helps do help him learn something about himself. That is part of the journey, taking some knowledge from what happens in your life. I have had colds before, but it is a reminder in the journey to take care of myself, don't take it for granted. It s…

Becoming Vegetarian

It has been almost a year since my husband and I both decided to go vegetarian. We had been cutting away at meat in our diet for a while. We gave up most beef after we both had gotten sick at a very, very well-known fast food joint. My stomach couldn't handle hamburgers, or even the thought, after that.
I cooked a lot with chicken, and sometimes bacon and ham (gifts from my meat family). Gradually, though, we started cutting down the chicken in our meals. We ate a lot of fajitas and stirfry and soon I was only eating half or a fourth of a piece of chicken a day.
Then we visited England and Paris last December. It was the most amazing trip I had ever gone on, and the food was an adventure in itself. What we found in England were vegetarian options and we tried them--- and they were amazing (especially at The Blue Note Cafe in Glastonbury). I couldn't believe the substitutes that English places had--- they were so amazing!
A week after we returned home, we were going out for a f…


I can't believe that November has begun! I will be helping a friend move today and to attempt to hang things up on my walls in the kitchen and dining room (finally!). We moved in a month ago tomorrow, which is an amazing thought!
We spent the holiday yesterday relaxing. Hallowe'en is my absolute favorite holiday and the first that my husband and I spent together back in 2001 before we were dating. We watched Salem's Lot and The Thing, ate some yummy lentil loaf and roasted vegetables with banana cream pie for dessert, and took a lovely walk around our neighborhood. It has been raining and dreary for about 20+ days out of the month so it was welcoming to see sunshine and the temperature at almost 60 degrees.
We also decided to check out the dike along the Red River. We didn't realize that on the other side of the dike is a bike path that stretches along the river and to some of the main parks in the city. It is a nice walk along the river, and there are some reading tree…