Friday, December 4, 2009

Goal List

To make a list of goals for 2010, I need to revisit the ones that I had made in 2009. Then, if I didn't accomplish something, I can use it again. I don't like to think of not completing something as failure, but a way to examine how I could accomplish it a different way or just need some more time.

2009 Goals Review:
1) Write something everyday, no matter how little. Grocery lists don't count.
I wish I would have said that grocery lists do count. I did really well at the end of the year. I found a way to track myself in Google Calendar to see how well I can in a week or month. I want to set realistic goals since I do have a full time job. Without trying to make too many excuses, there was a lot of personal things that got into the way of this goal and we bought a home without any plan to do so. I have written almost 79,000 words, as well as several short stories, so I think I did fairly well in making time to write in other ways.

2) Gain better confidence in myself.
Last Christmas, something happened to completely smash my confidence. It drug out over months, and now I am really coming to terms with it and what I can do to help myself recover. It was until even a few days ago that I realized some things that I need to do. This is something that will probably be in progress, but I need the reminder.

3) Visit these local places: Plains Art Museum, Buffalo River State Park (or something nature-ific), Dinosaur Museum, zoo.
Joey and I went to the Plains Art Museum with our great friends Brandon and Aisha. They had a farmer's market this summer with free admission and we couldn't pass it up. We also went to the Dinosaur Museum in West Fargo. They had a great exhibit there and a great selection of items for purchase. I've had a great interest in dinosaur bones since my brother found one behind our house when I was a child (they've had digs by where I grew up). My brother also found a rock with shells imbedded into it and a meteor while picking rocks in the fields before planting. Anyway, we didn't make it to the zoo yet and we did explore two different local parks in Fargo. We live blocks from those parks now, and I feel so much closer to nature in our new neighborhood with all the mature trees.

4) Start a "professional" web site to advertise my writing.
I think we all know about that one.

5) Find a good recipe for bread, a vegan bake good, and something to share at parties.
Everything except the bread. I make some great Oatmeal Raisin Flax Cookies and we have a salad, guacamole, and Texas Caviar Dip (black eye pea, cheese, garlic, jalapeno dip) for parties.

6) Attend at least one theater show.
We went to see CATS in Valentine's Day. Joey and I are huge cat lovers, but we didn't enjoy it as much as we liked. We now live closer to all the theater in town so it will be fun to see what we will see next year.

7) Read 50 Books and/or comics.
Look for the list later this month, but I am in the process of listening (Ulysses), studying (Tao Te Ching), and reading (Rampant) three different books right now. And I should be getting my nook any day now!

8) Plan a trip for one of these destinations: Japan, Great Britain, San Diego, Florida, or Seattle.
We went to San Diego for Comic Con in July. We do have some plans in store, but see 2010's goals for more.

9) Donate to at least two charitis or non-profit organizations.
Finally donated to MPR this year. I also donate time and membership to Core Con. When I was in PetSmart, I donated to animals in need.

10) Make more time for myself.
I think with writing and reading, that is probably a good indication of something very positive I do for myself. Vacation can fall under this category. Overall, I think looking at this list can be a reflection of this.

2010 Goals
1) Write 20,000 words a month.
2) Read 60 books/comic books
3) Begin urban gardening.
4) Learn to eat a little more vegan and healthier.
5) Exercise 2 times a week that isn't walking at work on break.
6) Learn to meditate. Reflect more on spirituality.
7) Plan trips to Orlando and England.
8) Join a writing organization.
9) Make Kaylee Frye's costume from Firefly.
10) Paint bathroom and replace tile throughout the home.

I will start the new goals beginning January 1st. I will have my book list at the end of the month. Share your own goals in the comments if you like!


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