Monday, December 21, 2009

Like/Dislike List of 2009

"I say we start with dessert, and go backwards. It's been a backwards kind of day!"

Lisa, from Ponyo

I was in a good mood today, so I decided to write this list of my favorite things of this year. I will also briefly tell you what I found out I didn't like.

Biggest Likes
Love the imagination in these lyrics.
Lots of energy.
Love the tea with honey.
Ran out of the hot chocolate and will crave it until I go back to England.

Dollhouse is not on the air long enough, but the story continues to blow my mind.
Stargate Universe had one of the best Stargate episodes within the first part of its first season. Hoping for more!

Better without fish, with so much better flavor.
Couldn't be happier with this curry and a new weekly staple.

Books/comics: Rampant, Runaways
Killer unicorns.
Kids who think their parents are evil... and they find out that they are evil. (pictured)

Video games: Mario Wii, Scribblenauts (DS)
Multi-player goodness.
Tip: Pegasus.

Movies: Ponyo, Zombieland
Miyazaki capturing children perfectly, again.
Zombies... and Bill Murray.
Interested in the world, but it became an utter mess for me. Just couldn't finish it.
I read lots of fluff, and this is it. I will stick with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
(Note: these are just not for me)


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