Friday, December 18, 2009

Cherrie (Stitches and Patches)

Always and forever, my Cherrie kitty girl

Sometimes I feel like my life is full of stitches and patches. In reality, my physical body hasn't had anything really broken or stitched back together. My heart, the basis of all emotions, is another story.

I was planning on doing my dislike and like list this week, but I can't do it. There are just too much of a bundle of emotions to do something even so simple. See, we lost our cat Cherrie on Tuesday, December 15th. It is also the anniversary of my grandmother's death, which has always been a touch and go day for me even after all these years.

Cherrie was born on July 18th, 1996. My husband called all over the Fargo-Moorhead area to find a black and white girl kitty. He sold all his toys, including his original Nintendo his mother bought him, so he could have a cat. He remembers the day they went to get her so clearly. She climbed on his shoulder, and when they got in the car, he put his seatbelt around the two of them. They shared the same birthday for thirteen years, for over half his life.

I met Cherrie eight years ago when we started dating. Joey thought I was crazy for talking to her so much, and she danced on the floor for me, showing off her fluffy belly. From the very beginning, I sang to her and would flub up songs for years to do so. Joey always teased me that I was terrible at impromtu rhyming. I have been walking around for the past few days with "her" songs in my head, and I even mumbled them to myself as I was preparing apple cider at the hot water dispenser at work.

Cherrie was also diabetic, and we have been taking care of her since she was diagnosed over four years ago. We would give her two shots a day, and had food dish that was timed for her feedings. Joey even learned to take blood from her ear so we could check her blood sugar if we needed. It wasn't hard taking care of her, and it fit into our lives easily. I don't regret one moment of her care and I think it tightened our bond with her. She knew that we took good care of us, and in turn, she did the same for us.

She had us keep our sanity through the hard times. We always knew when we would go home, that she would be with us. We now have a big picture of her in our garage. When we leave and come home, she will welcome and greet us. There are so many stories I can tell about her. She was so smart and surprised us every day. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful kitty in our lives, and it will be impossible for us to ever forget her. She is a part of my heart, in a place unmarked by patches and stitches.


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