Sunday, November 22, 2009

Strange November, e-books, and writing update

It has been a strange November, but really, it has been a strange here in North Dakota. Weatherwise. Last month we had lots of rain- about twenty one days of it. It snowed some in there. Now, towards the end of November, we have had so much sun that brings up people's moods and weather that I hope lasts throughout the whole season.

I did a lot of catching up this week. I found my notes for KIN and the secret short story project. I typed up the handwritten pages and am now ready to start writing the last scenes of the novel. I am almost at 79,000 words, which means I am almost 30,000 words more than I had thought. This book has taken a life of its own, and I am really looking forward to editing it.

The Nook comes out in the next few weeks. I am trying to gather a list of e-books that I would like to invest in. I am also really hopeful that my plans to do some editing with it will work. I am trying not to think of it too much since I don't want to grow impatient. It doesn't help that I am seeing a lot different articles talking about e-books. The ones that have really stuck out to me are the ones talking about how people with e-readers actually buy more books and why we should hold onto our print books. Right now, a lot of this feels like real speculation. I only know one person that has an e-reader and she writes fiction that is now only in that format. The short story collection that Joey and I are writing will be mostly for e-reader format that we hope to distribute on Scribd or other viable websites.

I graduated from high school almost ten years ago and I think about the change in technology over those years. Google wasn't in my vocabulary, no one had a cell phone that I can name in my school, and CDs were still cool. What will e-readers and e-books do for the publishing industry? I am not sure, but I know I will still buy books in both formats. As an author, I will not be against it. Audio books are becoming more mainstream, with people listening to them at their jobs, and some people don't see them as really "reading", but I think we shouldn't discourage the spreading of words. I don't see books going away and I like to see that the book publishing industry is starting to get into this and not be like the music industry.

I am hoping one day to have a color e-reader for comic books. Comic books are becoming bigger than ever and it has been proven that they help kids learn. My mom said she read an article about it years ago and that is how she encouraged my brothers to read (for me, it was a lot easier since I loved books right away).

Thanksgiving is coming up and it will be our first as vegetarians. It has been almost a year since we made the switch and we couldn't be happier. I plan on putting a post of the recipes that I have chosen with a few pictures. I have been making some great recipes from 101 Cookbooks including Garlic Soup and Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Delicious! I plan on making curry later this week. I couldn't resist!

I will leave you with a picture of our cat, Cherrie. We gave her a bath this week and I can't resist showing you pictures of her before and after. She is such a pretty kitty!


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