Sunday, November 1, 2009


I can't believe that November has begun! I will be helping a friend move today and to attempt to hang things up on my walls in the kitchen and dining room (finally!). We moved in a month ago tomorrow, which is an amazing thought!

We spent the holiday yesterday relaxing. Hallowe'en is my absolute favorite holiday and the first that my husband and I spent together back in 2001 before we were dating. We watched Salem's Lot and The Thing, ate some yummy lentil loaf and roasted vegetables with banana cream pie for dessert, and took a lovely walk around our neighborhood. It has been raining and dreary for about 20+ days out of the month so it was welcoming to see sunshine and the temperature at almost 60 degrees.

We also decided to check out the dike along the Red River. We didn't realize that on the other side of the dike is a bike path that stretches along the river and to some of the main parks in the city. It is a nice walk along the river, and there are some reading trees! We also went to one of the nearby parks, and I just fell in love with this neighborhood all over again. I grew up around trees and hills (we are by one of the only ones in Fargo!) and I feel so much better around here. Going to the other side of the city now seems so bare and different now.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Hallowe'en! I am thrilled to have discovered so much about my new neighborhood and to relax with my husband. It was a great way to end a stressful month and I am seeing myself starting to update about my writing starting this week. I also have some books that should be delivered tomorrow and I will pick up Juliet Marillier's new one this week. So keep an eye out for upcoming reviews! A great way to start National Novel Writing Month (more on that later!).


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