Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The World of Sweet Valley

I am writing all of this since there was an announcement of the new Sweet Valley High movie with Diablo Cody as the writer. She said she will base it in the 80's and that she was a fan of the series. I'm really, really interested in seeing the casting and hope that it does a better job than the TV series, and what story plot would she do? There are so many!

I don't know if I really know my first moment that I discovered Sweet Valley High. I am thinking it was in the elementary school library where I started to read Sweet Valley Twins. I sometimes think Sweet Valley High was in there, but the covers to me always had girls in skimpy clothes on them. Maybe even lingerie. I have no idea why I would think those type of books would be in our elementary library and not the high school one (I went K-12 in the same school with connecting buildings). I do remember my mother buying me a ton of the Sweet Valley High books, probably in middle school. They were on sale at the local Benjamin Frankline before it closed. I was hooked from the beginning and started buying them on a monthly basis. I lived in a small town between three "big towns" (around 1500 people in population). There was only one store in those towns that I could buy those books. First, it was Benjamin Franklin and then it closed. Then a new drug store White Drug opened and I bought them there. We would go to Langdon once a month for haircuts and other errands. I would try to go or talk my parents or brothers into picking them up for me. I remember distinctly sometimes waiting for my parents to come home late at night to see if they had the latest books.

I would also raid the libraries or wait for our trip to Grand Forks a few times a year. There was no internet then so I read some of the books over and over again. I am very careful with books, but they all had clear signs of how much I loved them on the corners, spines, and covers.

I don't know why I love those books so much. I think they were just an escape from the world around me, like most books. Their problems were sometimes out of the ordinary, but I felt some connection and enjoyed the imaginations of some of the stories. I read all of the different series, even when a few new ones came out while I was in college. I am really curious about these characters. Will Elizabeth and Todd finally stay together and marry? What kind of Jessica really settle with? Who will remain friends? Will the psycho Margo have a cousin that tries to kill the twins in the future or the crazy lady that tried to steal their mom's face have a daughter who wants to steal one of the twins' face? Those are stretches, but really, those are stretches of stretchy story plots. How can you not be entertained?

I think about my being a teenager in the summertime. We had a hammock, the kind on a wire frame, that I would put halfway into the sun to tan my legs. I would read my Sweet Valley books in it while my cats played in the grass, and sometimes one would sit on my stomach. It is hard not to relax just thinking about it.

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P.S. The covers featured are three of the books that I remember distinctly reading. There are many more, but the post would end up being far too long. If you are curious, comment or e-mail me.

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