Thursday, October 1, 2009

Closing Time

My husband and I close on our new home tomorrow. We have pretty much everything ready to go out the door on Saturday. Tomorrow we paint our living room and master bedroom. Right now we have colors chosen from Lowe's, Air Kiss for the living room (a light blue) and Twinkle Night (see the walls below). We shall see if we like them when we go pick up the paint tonight.

We did the walkthrough last night and I couldn't be any more excited as we walked through the empty space trying to imagine where things will go or change. We have a four day weekend to move and start putting things away.

Here's a few links to check out while I am away:

How can I NOT mention this? I read every series of Sweet Valley (not saying all the books, though). Seriously. This will have its own post sometime in the future since I can't do it justice at this time. Who will play the Jessica and Elizabeth?

Blog post by my favorite author, Juliet Marillier. She has some other great blog posts on fantasy, as well. Her latest book Heart's Blood comes out in November 3rd in the US.

Inspired by an episode of NewsRadio, my husband took the first issue of his comic and redid the dialogue by translating it into Japanese and then back into English. If you haven't read the comic, now is the time to catch up. Chapter 2 starts up again in a few weeks and Joey's blog entries are pretty entertaining.

Comes out tomorrow and we are taking a break from the chaos of moving and painting to see it. We will wear our matching shirts we earned at Comic Con by having them tattoo (airbrush) our arms.

My favorite Seattle radio show (which I podcast, or "time bandit" as we put it) was canceled a few weeks ago. Super saddened, I didn't know what to do. I was lost without Luke Burbank (the host), Jen Andrews (longtime producer), and Sean DeTore (Japan's #1 mixer). Well, they are now exclusively a podcast! You can listen (and watch!) the podcast at 12noon or download it later on the website, ITunes, and Zune. So, check it out! It talks about pop culture, great interviews, and everything in between. If you are confused by lingo, browse the website. Become a 10! Rawr!

i09 is something I now check regularly. I love some of the article that they have that involve the latest in science fiction and fantasy. This article talks about the latest teenage love story, Shiver-- with a werewolf as the leading man. I have this on my list to read. I'm not a huge Twilight fan, but I am willing to give this new series a chance. Also, see the article on Little Women and Werewolves listed on the side.

Looking at these links, there are two in there that reveal what the "secret" project that my husband and I are going to continue working on in preparation for Core Con in April 2010. Any guesses?


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