Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Quiet Front

The big change in my life can now be revealed. Everything has fallen into place as it should (so far), and I am happy to announce that my husband and I bought a condo! We have worked hard to reach this point, and am cannot wait to have less white walls surrounding us.

What else is great about this condo? We will be living in the best part of town, close to all our favorite coffee shops (for writing and treats), comic book stores, parks, and lots of fun events that go on, especially in the summer. It has mature trees, great bus route, and easy access to our workplace. We can paint the walls (as I have mentioned) and do some work to make it more like "our" place. I love the apartment we live in now, but this new place really fulfills our lifestyle in a lot of better ways.

When I moved down here nine years ago, I didn't imagine all the wonderful things that would happen to me. I dreamed them and I have been so blessed to have met my husband, finish my degree, write a few books, and travel. Now to have a place to truly call our own really opens up another dream of creating something truly unique. I plan on not letting it get into my writing. Once we are settled (we move in October), I will sit my butt back down to do the thing that I truly love to do: write. I am thrilled to live by my favorite coffee shops if I am having troubles. No excuses now!

So here is to dreams... and more dreams!


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