Where I'm Going

Poem by Thomas McGrath

How could I have come so far?
(And always on such dark trails?)
I must have traveled by the light
Shining from the faces of all those I have loved.

There is a big change coming up in my life, but I can't say much more about it until next week. This will prevent me from updating a lot over the next two months, but I will force myself to update here at least once a week. This is a good thing, so nothing to worry about. I just hope you won't become sick of me chattering on about it when the time comes.

The "big change" will take up a lot of my time as I already mentioned. This concerns me since I did some writing on my trip, but haven't done much since then. I am at the part that will lead up to the conclusion. With being busy, I don't want to ignore it, or my writing or reading in general, so I wrote down some goals today. I also need to write down things for the "big change" and for panels at Core Con. I can never say my life is boring!

I needed my writing goals to be light, but looking at them combined, it is a bit overwhelming. We shall see how it goes. Here's the list:
  • Read at least 2 chapters a day of the novel that I am editing for a friend.
  • Type up handwritten part of KIN I did during vacation.
  • Write at least 2500 words a week until KIN if completed.
  • Update blog once a week.
  • Complete short story edits on "secret project" and decide who writes what next. Find people to edit them for us.
Writing the last goal I realized I am full of secrets! I promise I will say more once we have the first wave of short stories edited. Our vacation and the "big change" have really pushed this project back more than I like. Need deadlines!

Also, another great thing I love about goals is that it is a promise to myself. Writing adds so much to my life and how I feel about myself. The accomplishment that it brings really brightens up my life, and I really enjoy splashing around in the worlds so different than my own. I hope someday when you read the stories, you will feel the same. For now, keep moving onward!



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