Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Comic Con 2009: Little Things

I plan panels for Core Con and I am amazed at the luck that we had going to the ones we did at Comic Con. What else is there to do at a large convention? Well, there is the standing in line for the panels, running into people expectantly, pacing back and forth on the exhibit hall floor to find toys or freebies, collecting autographs from authors or other guests, and the masquerade. I am probably missing something, but doesn't it all seem overwhelming and wonderful at the same time? Good thing we had four days to experience it all! Here are some of our favorite little things!

Stargate is one of favorite shows. In addition to seeing the Stargate: Universe panel, they had this beautiful set-up to advertise the shows. We also picked up some fun Stargate items, including a mirror, coasters, and more action figures to add to our collection. We now have both SG-1 and Atlantis Stargates complete!

There was this strange Feed Your Fear booth by MGM at the convention that you put glasses and headphones on and they show you a bunch of scary clips. There was a lot of fun booths throughout the convention. We found out the middle of the floor, where the big names like Fox and Warner Brothers have their booths can become quite insane. We found that you can only hang out there so long and then off to the "better" part where you can enjoy what you are looking at.

We dressed up as Jedi on Friday (Star Wars Day). We had to change clothes before the Dollhouse panel since it was becoming unbearable while standing in line all day. We have learned our lesson! Next year if we go I am thinking of dressing up as Kaylee. I bought the bear patch from the Browncoats. I went Firefly crazy. And for good reason....

One of my favorite pictures from the convention! We were standing in line for Ballroom 20 when I walked across to re-fill my water bottle. Next thing I know, Alan Tudyk with a group of his friends walked past me. I then went to my husband as the group stopped to ask some questions, and then Felicia Day happened to stop and chat with Alan. Fun to see two actors of the show before I even go inside to see Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku! Also, as I was waiting, one of my favorite authors, Shannon Hale, walked by. No picture, though.

Another unexpected surprise was running into our Captain at the California Browncoats booth. We were walking around picking up some last minute things (I bought my bear patch and Kaylee statue the day before from them), and out of the corner of my eye I see Nathan Fillion signing things! I was super shocked. The line was closed, but then he had to leave and started down the line. A few people jumped in and then so did we. We bought a limited Serenity comic to help the Kids Need to Read and donated money to The Waterkeeper Alliance. It was so quick, but I really liked that an actor would go out of his way for two charities and sign things, rather than charge outrageous prices for pictures and autographs. Yep, he is our captain!

As you can see, we picked up a lot of toys (and books! Those I will talk about more in another post). You can see our Stargate mirror, my Kaylee statue, a little jewelry box from Disneyland (more on that later too), my prints from Sue, Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro, and Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi. I also now have signed copies of The Golden Compass, Kushiel's Dart, Runaways (colorist Christina Strain was down a few tables from Sue), The Zombie Survival Guide, and Silver Phoenix (the author was just a delight!). It was fun trying to get this home and a few other things!

Before I forget, we did go to the masquerade Saturday night. Joey and I were impressed (we have only been to minor ones in the past). We had VIP tickets scored by our friend Sue and we really enjoyed seeing all the different types. Here are some favorites:

She-Ra and Friends (Womanizer)
Bring it On: Rock the Mouse
Welcome to the Dollhouse

I cannot believe the experience that we had at Comic Con! The Force was truly with us with the amount that we did after just seeing everything. It might convince to go again next year. We shall see. To read more about our adventures, check out my husband's blog post (and his comic if you haven't already!).

I plan on writing a bit on the other things we did in our additional days in California and some write-ups on the books that I managed to grab. Husband and I are still trying to recover from a bit of sickness and our messed up schedule. I hope to resume KIN in the course of the next two weeks. I did some writing while on the plane and need to type up that progress at some point, as well. Where is this summer going? And how can this girl complain?


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