Friday, September 11, 2009

Japanese Friendship Garden and Disneyland

Our trip to San Diego didn't just consist of attending San Diego Comic Con. We stayed with our friend Sue for about a week at her home. Here are some pictures from our visit to Balboa Park and Disneyland.

Food and tea is seriously amazing! Wait until you see
inside the garden.

Look at that amazing food and tea! Yum!

Inside the garden. The koi pond complete
with waterfall. Totally fell in love with it.

Koi! Joey and I want to put a koi pond in our future yard someday. They added two koi while we were visiting, a black and white fish and a small fish with blue-like scales. Beautiful!

More of the garden. Very inspiring!

The best shot of the tons Joey took to capture water dripping.

Standing in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland. We only spent one day there and at California Adventure. I wish we would have had another day, but guess we just have to return someday!

I have to say that the Japanese Friendship Garden really has opened my mind a bit while writing my book. I can imagine this place to help form the environment since I can't visit Japan at this time. Take what I can get! I totally do recommend visiting there if you go to Balboa Park and eating at the Tea Pavilion. You totally won't regret it!


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