Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Origin Story

I was sitting at work thinking about what kind of post I can write to fill in the gap while I am gone. Then it came to me: my origin story about attending conventions. Funny enough, I found an article written by one of my favorite geeks, Seth Green, about why he loves conventions.

Some people have no idea what a sci fi and fantasy convention, comic book conventions, or "cons" is or what people do. There is an exhibit hall, or dealer room, where you can find all types of merchandise and services (like costuming). There can be an artist's alley where tons of artists show off their talents. At smaller conve
ntions, artists and writers can be guests of honor. Other conventions can have a ton of celebrities (including writers and artists) who do panels that show off their talents or talk about their career, and do autograph sessions. There can be movie showings, exclusive content, themed party rooms, gaming rooms, and don't forget the swag! It is a great way for people to meet and talk about what they enjoy.

The first time I had ever heard of a convention (and I didn't even know it was called that) was when my friend Sue went to Star Wars Celebration I in 1999 at Denver, CO. I remember her stories of rain, fans, and shopping for Star Wars toys. I knew then, even though I was a junior in high school at the time, that I would someday go to the next one. Then, in 2002 and in college, I did go. I just started dating my now husband and he was extremely jealous that I was going (he was still in high school). Celebration II was held in Indianapolis and it was brilliant! Just the feeling of being around other fans was the best feeling in the world. Also, it was my first plane ride and trip away from home all by myself, and it
was the first time I met Sue. We dressed up in our Jedi and Corellian costumes, and there is no bigger confidence booster in a city celebrating something that you feel so strongly about. It was just jaw-dropping seeing different people in panels and all the entertainment (Star Wars in 30 minutes) that was provided. I loved it. It was the beginning of something that I want to keep doing.

I went to our local convention at the time, Valleycon, and had a blast meeting two of my favorite Star Wars writers. Joey dressed up in my Jedi costume and I wore my Corellian costume. We met people we still talk to and see at conventions today (hi Dawn!). It was the beginning that would someday form the Fargo
convention we help run, Core Con.

I went to Celebration III and IV in Indy and Los Angeles to have more amazing times with Sue and company. We also attended convention up in Canada, including Central Canada Comic Con (C4).

And now we are going to one of the biggest and the one of the best: San Diego Comic Con. Sue will have a table there, and we thought it was our turn to go see her this year. We will attend the convention, and then stay with her for the week. It is going to be an amazing time. I can list all the
things we hope to do, but it is better to save what we did.

People might think that conventions are for creepy people, but really, they are fun-loving and imaginative people. Well-run conventions can be an amazing good time, and that is why I keep going to them.

Photo: Joey and I at Valleycon with Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta in 2002.

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