Sunday, August 16, 2009

"New" Novelists

Things have been quite busy here, for reasons I can't explain at this moment. I am still trying to walk gently around in my surroundings. Everything seems surreal, but in a wonderful way. I am hoping the next few weeks will be a bit less hectic.

Anyway, I have been wanted to talk about this blog post called Why New Novelists Are Kinda Old, or, Hey, Publishing is Slow. I have been struggling with my age a bit since I have graduated from college four years ago (already!?!). I expected to be published at this point, at age 27, but I have my first novel written and the sequel ready to be started. I wrote another novel, which I think of as more of an exercise. KIN then can really be seen as my second novel. I have struggled with rejection, and keep moving forward. I know now the first novel I have written might not be the first one published. Still, it could be published later.

This article really gave me some hope since now I know that I am not the only one going through this struggle, and the reasons make complete sense (even though I sometimes hate to admit it). These reasons are the ones that I give people to keep writing and to keep growing. That is exactly what I am doing right now, and for this reason:

"Most first novels are no damn good. Second ones are often better, but not always, and often not by much. Third and fourth novels, the same thing. Fact is — and this should not be news at this late date — ask most debut novelists how many novels they wrote before they got one published, and you’ll find out the answer is: two, three, four — sometimes more. Debut novels are almost never first novels; they’re just the first novels you see. And all those other novels you will never know about? They took lots of time to write, too."

I have dreamed of becoming a writer since I was ten years old. Since that moment, I have been a writer. My real dream is to become a published author and those goals have changed and grown over the years with the college education and conventions I have attended. Those goals are ones that would be exceptionally wonderful if they happened.

Recently I was reading a blog post by Cindy Pon about a a workshop that Holly Black did at the most recent SCBWI in Los Angeles on career planning. This, to me, is the next step once I achieve my goal of being published. Holly Black had the attendees list ten scenarios from most desirable to least. I think when I am published I will have a better idea what I might want and will revisit this, but thought I would just share the list itself.

1. Writing a critically acclaimed, award-winning book.
2. Writing a series / several books with a huge fan base.

3. Writing a book that is read through the ages and taught
in the schools.

4. Being able to live off the earnings of my writing alone.

5. Having your book translated into many languages.

6. Getting a movie made of your book.

7. Networking with other writers.

8. Becoming famous because of my work.

9. Writing one single perfect book.

10. Writing a hundred books and publishing all of them.

I think it is great to have a dream and I believe the age that they come true will be the appropriate for myself. I want to publish my best work and it will be worth the wait since then those scenarios above will have a better chance of happening.


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