Thursday, June 4, 2009


I wasn't much interested in the world of e-publishing until I went to Core Con and sat in on a panel of just that subject by author Tina Holland. She discussed the benefits of e-publishing (saving trees, instant downloads, etc) and showed us her e-reader. Now with Amazon's Kindle, people are a little more aware of electronic books, novellas, and short stories.

I wasn't very open to the idea of e-publishing until I went to Holland's panel and started to learn more about this branch of the industry. It isn't something that will go away, and instead of turning my nose to it, I thought that maybe it was time to research more about it. What are things that I like or dislike about it?

It can benefit authors and publishers financially since they don't have to cover the costs of making a book. This can also help the environment by saving trees. They can encourage more self-publishing, You might be able to earn more income than by printing it with sites like Lulu.

On the other hand, the whole internet can become overcrowded with writing. People have to buy a device to read it, like the Kindle. That is, unless they want to read it on their computer or laptop. The price of books that are published online is still a work in progress and will take time and it is already happening. Larger publishers are already jumping on for the ride.

This is all new, and possibly scary, but it could change the book industry in some ways like it did the music industry. I doubt that paper books will ever go away. My books are the most valuable things that I own (in my opinion) and libraries are something that we definitely need so everyone has access to expand their knowledge of the subject they desire. It is a no brainer. This is just another way to share books for the technology savvy.

My husband and I aren't interested in a buying a Kindle or other readers at this time. Recently, a new type of netbook was announced called the Touchbook. It has a detachable touch screen, and we completely fell in love with it. Talking about it, it would work perfectly to use as an e-reader. It should be released in any time now and we can't wait to get our hands on it. I think it will be useful if there are books that I want to read for research that are available for free online in PDF format, like at Forgotten Books. There I found an out of print book that is hard to find called The Lore of the Unicorn: Folklore, Evidence and Reported Sightings. They also made these books available in print at Amazon.

Right now, the "secret project" that I have been whispering about here and there with my husband Joey will be published on Scribd . We might do a print run, but we are not sure yet. On Scribd you can see how many copies are being sold, and set your own price. At the moment, I don't see the project working any other way.

Here are some great links if you are interested in learning more about different aspects of this growing section of publishing. I will keep you updated about the "secret project". I am hoping to reveal it within the next month before Comic Con.

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