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Fun and Embarassing

As the title of the blog post says, this is a fun and embarrassing at the same time. I wrote this story when I was twelve years old on October 16th, 1994. The two main characters are based after my friend Charlie and myself. We spent a lot of time in a very small town called Olga. It basically had a few houses, a bar, church with cemetery in back, church hall, and a former priest's house. Family lived in the priest house, and that is where we met. We were fortunate to have such a wonderful family to watch over us and to bring us together. To me, they are the fondest of my childhood memories.

Here's my story. I figured you all would get a kick out of it. I made a few changes, but not many. If you chose to critique, be gentle! (Remember I was twelve.)

The Full Moon

The sun laid at rest in the sky, which turned red above the rest and clouds scattered above the nest.

Two stars twinkled in the sky. The grass kissed by dew on the summer night.

Something powerful and yellow shined in the sky. The moon.

The full moon.

Two children walked through the small town.

The girl older, the boy younger.

They walked past the priest’s house no more, the side of the church to a new world.

Suddenly, the wind grew cold.

The moon, full moon, shined over the cemetery.

Elizabeth stopped. Her eyes rested on the moon.

“It’s full,” she whispered. Mike followed her gaze.

“Yeah, so?” he asked.

“Don’t you know?” she asked back, putting her hands on her hips, eyes flashing.

“No, tell me,” he begged.

She dropped her hands and eyes, and then stared at the moon once more.

“It is better you don’t know,” she whispered.

The wind stirred the trees, making the place seem colder.

“I’m cold. Let’s go,” he said, grabbing her arm.

“I’m not cold,” she argued, following him.

“Well, I am.”

“It’s the grass,” she told him.

The wind blew fiercely now, howling.

“Let’s go to the abandoned dance hall,” he suggested.

“No, we must go inside,” she ordered.

“Take risks,” Mike said, following her to the house.

“It’s not my month to take risks,” she answered.

“Well, it’s mine,” he said, stomping away to the dance hall.

“You are an Aquarius, like me,” she yelled after him.


“Mike, don’t go! Beware the full moon,” she warned.

The wind howled in his ears, sucking the last words away.

“Beware the full moon,” Elizabeth repeated.

He put his hand on the secret door.

“No turning back.”

“No!” cried Elizabeth.

Bloodshot eyes appeared in the window.

Mike screamed.


The wind howled.

“What’s going on?” asked her uncle.

Mike started running, his face as white as a sheet.

“Mike?” asked his grandmother.

Elizabeth made a fake laugh. Mike followed.

“Got ya!” they said.

Elizabeth’s uncle swatted her with the newspaper in his hand.

“Sorry,” they mumbled.

The two adults left.

“I warned you,” Elizabeth said.

“From what? Who did those eyes belong to?” Mike demanded.

“The werewolf, he comes out during the full moon is alone in the sky. Werewolves are loners,” she explained to him. “We better go in before-“

The words were stuck in her throat. She suddenly screamed and ran to the door.

“Open it!” Mike cried.

“I’m trying!”

It was hopeless.

“Run!” She grabbed his arm without thinking. She ran to the graveyard.

The werewolf was near. So close.

Close enough to kill.

He lunged for Mike who was feet away.

The wolfman got Mike’s feet and both collapsed on the ground.

Elizabeth stopped and turned.

She grabbed a huge branch and ran to the werewolf and let him have it.

The wolfman howled in pain, letting go of Mike.

She grabbed Mike and pulled him up and they ran to the church.

Her uncle was on the house’s steps, gun in hand.

Elizabeth felt in her pocket for it, but it slipped away-

“I have to go back,” Elizabeth told her uncle and Mike.

“No, you can’t!” Her uncle tried to grab her, but she was too quick for him.

There it was, shining in the moonlight by the wolfman’s feet.

He stood there. Feet away.

His bloodshot eyes looked evil and hard to her. His teeth glistened ready to sink them into her flesh.


She started to run and turned the corner. She stood there.

She signaled Mike and her uncle to go on the other side of the church steps and hide.

Please have him run after me. Please don’t notice me.

He ran past her. She tip toed around the corner and sprinted to the bullet.

The silver bullet.

She ran back.

There around the corner waited the werewolf.

She backed up and threw the bullet to Mike, who was ready to catch it.

Elizabeth held her breath.

He caught it! He gave it to her uncle.

Elizabeth ran on the grass, the werewolf behind her only a foot.

She slipped…

The werewolf lunged and…


The werewolf fell to the ground- its eyes looked into Elizabeth’s.

A cloud came over the yellow full moon and covered it up.

The night, now darkened.

For now.

And the werewolf’s eyes also had a cloud over them, it came over its eyes, now and forever with death.

The End


For Evelyn and Uncle Durland

Picture: Our Lady of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Olga, North Dakota taken by

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