Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where I've Been: Orange Statue in LA

The year was 2007. We were in Los Angeles for Celebration IV catching a bus when this statue caught my husband Joey's eye. If you have seen the TV show Heroes, then you will recognize this statue. We were missed the Season 1 finale during the trip, and when we returned home, it was a surprise to think that days before we were standing in front of that very statue wearing super hero capes (meant for our niece and nephew) from Six Flags while watching it. It was a big surprise since the show actually takes place in New York City, not Los Angeles.

Indeed, even when you are running, you can still find the smallest surprises. Just make sure to stop and take the time to appreciate them if you can.


Picture: Taken by Sue Dawe. Click on it to see the Google Maps view from the street and the address.

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