Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where I've Been: Naboo, er, Indy

When I see this pictures, I really do feel like I was in another world. Naboo, to be exact. The water, the capitol building, the clothes (do they really look like costumes here? I don't think so!). Everything seemed surreal.

This fountain stands across the street from the Indiana Convention Center. This picture was taken back in 2002 at Star Wars Celebration II, two months before Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones was released. It was my first convention, and the first time I met my Jedi Master Sue Dawe after three years of e-mails. It was also the first time I flew on a plane (by my nineteen year old self) and was away from my boyfriend of four months (and now husband of three years). Amazing how life changes, but this picture symbolizes the beginning of the many adventures in my life.

My favorite memory in this garden was lighsaber practice in the evening. Kids were having their pictures taken for prom and watched as Sue showed us some of her moves. Seeing their eyes light up, and especially when Sue handed them the lightsaber, told me that they would never forget their prom night. The garden on Naboo, the glow of lightsabers, and, I suppose, some dance. Watching them, I knew I had taken a step into a larger world. One of moments like that, so unusual and, yet, so special. Unique. Remarkable.

When I see this picture, it is hard to see myself standing in the middle of Indianpolis. Instead, I am really standing in another world. The world that I don't have any intention of leaving. The fun had only just begun.


Picture: 2001, across from Indiana Convention Center, Star Wars Celebration II

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