Monday, May 25, 2009

Where I've Been: Buttercup Valley

May, 2007

Another adventure while in California for Celebration IV and to see our friend Sue Dawe. She took us to the location where they filmed the sand barge scene in Return of the Jedi. How does she know? She was totally there. Right in front of us is where they buried the set and some of the pieces are still coming up out of the sand. This location is in a recreation park and has been picked over the past twenty-seven years. While we were there, we still found a few pieces of the fake sand dunes and the Sarlacc Pit. How cool is that?

This picture is one of my favorites with my husband, Joey. I love how it looks like we are in the Star Wars universe. There is more story to this day, but I am not at liberty to say anything. All I can say is that we had another very memorable adventure.

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