Monday, April 13, 2009

Core Con 2009: Heroes vs. Villains

We had our first Core Con April 3rd-5th. It is a sci fi and fantasy convention located here in Fargo. For the past year and a half my husband Joey and I worked on this with a great group of people. I ran the panel room and helped with the program guide. Joey was in charge of electronic gaming, the program guide, and acted as the convention liaison.

We are thrilled that the convention turned out to be a success! We had some high stakes with the Fargo Flood appearing beforehand, but we pushed through and managed to pull it off! People kept coming up to all of us and handing out compliments. We couldn't have asked for anything better for a first year con! I am stoked for 2010, the year of the zombie. We have some great things in mind for next year!


Spaceballs: The Band won the Rock Band contest. We had some great other bands and it was really hard to chose. It is only appropriate to have this cleverly named band win. Spaceballs is the well-known consuite (party room) that happens to label everything in the hotel.

The costume contest turned out to be entertaining and quite fun, and organized. What a great job, and we had creative costumes. We had a great amount of people that were in character, and they were all funny and thought out. Great costumes and great fun!

We had some great panels, including the Comic of Revelation (written by the hubby). We had a great sword demonstration, literature and writing, Heroes vs. Villains, and tons more! Everyone did such a great job and we had some great turnout. We also had a Star Wars Social where we showed a special presentation of A New Hope, had a long discussion, and gave away prizes (including a piece of the Return of the Jedi set)!

Want to see more pictures? Go to the Past Cons on the sidebar of the Core Con website. Want to see something at Core Con next year? Join our forums and throw us an e-mail. We would love to hear from you! Thanks to all that made this first year a success and we hope to see more of you there. I will be there!

Now onto Core Con 2010: Year of the Zombie!


Zombie picture: I'm the one with her head down, wearing overalls. More on the website!

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