Sunday, March 22, 2009

Too Beautiful to Live, or if you are one of the Tens, TBTL

In the summer of 2008, sadness clouded my work day. My favorite NPR show at the time, The Bryant Park Project (BPP), had its last episode. Now what would I do for two-three hours in my afternoons at work? I need to listen to something that will take my mind away from the clock, but also give me a good dose of what is going on in the world with a hint of quirkiness.

I then heard about the BPP's former co-host, Luke Burbank, who has his own show in Seattle! I didn't hesitate and downloaded it. I am now addicted, and sometimes when I hear the songs between segments, I think about the BPP. Now it just doesn't hurt as it once did.

TBTL has its own charm. They talk about what they love, and they have some crazy moments. It is hard to describe the show, so I will just recommend checking out their blog first. Things to look for: an archive of all their shows, their Collectors Series if you want to catch a taste, and TBTL 101 to catch up on the lingo.

Check out the Tens blogs (fans of the show, for "tens of listeners") here. Look out--- my blog is listed there!

If you are in Seattle, you can listen to KIRO from 7-10PM. If you are not in Seattle, you can listen to it on their website from 7-10 Pacific Time, or download the podcasts from their website, ITunes, or Zune.



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