Monday, March 9, 2009

The List Maker

I am a list maker. I have always wrote down things to do with much detail. Usually I add unnecessary details, but I just need to pull those thoughts from my mind. In middle school, they gave us planners to keep track our assignments. I am not sure if it started then, but I know I took full advantage of the books by writing anything and everything in it.

In high school and college, I used to write New Year's resolution lists and put them underneath my unicorn globe. I did it until a few years ago. Now I just post it online somewhere.
Here's this year's list:

1) Write something every day, no matter how little. Grocery lists don't count.
2) Gain better confidence in myself.
3) Visit these local places: Plains Art Museum, Buffalo River State Park (or something nature-ific), Dinosaur Museum (West Fargo), and a zoo.
4) Start a "professional" website to advertise my writing.
5) Find a good recipe for bread, a vegan bake good, and something to share at parties, etc.
6) Attend at least one theater show.
7) Read 50 books and/or comics.
8) Plan a trip for one of these destinations: Japan, Great Britain, San Diego, Florida, or Seattle.
9) Donate to at least two charities or non-profit organizations.
10) Make more time for myself.

Right now, on my desk, I have a pile of little pieces of paper. I have lists of things to do including what to do for this blog, notes from things I listen to on podcasts, story ideas, and even things I need to pick up from the store. I then bring them home, and put them on this pile. I go through them when I feel like it. I just feel better when I create lists, and sometimes I just e-mail things to myself. Maybe it is just a way to pull unnecessary things from my mind to form a blanket of comfort. Yes, that must be it.

Do you make lists, and what do you make them for?


Picture: My lists along with my Star Wars calendar, Leia action figure, Momji doll, Zelda papercraft and word papercraft made by the husband, and a Ty kitty from Joey's Grammy. Yep, I love cute things. I bet they read my lists when I am at work.

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