Saturday, March 14, 2009

Japanese Inspirations

When I am writing KIN, I listen to the music of Joe Hisaishi. I have some of his soundtracks from Hayao Miyazaki's Ghibli Studio movies. Disney brought over the films a few years ago, and we completely fell in love with them. My favorite song at the moment is from Princess Mononoke called "The Legend of Ashitaka Theme". It is the ending credits song of the film, and truly feels like a five minute sound epic. I might have to pop in the movies to find help rediscover a child-like view of Japan to help with my book if the music has been helping me this much! Joey and I hope to travel Japan within the next few years. I really want to go during the cherry blossom (sakura) season in March or April. When I see pictures of cherry blossooms, it brings back some memories.

The house I grew up in had a huge yard. The yard was completely surrounded by trees, and when you drove in, there was a circle of grass. In the middle, there was a large bush. In the spring, it would grow the most beautiful, fragrant pink flowers. My mother called them Japanese roses, but I can't find anything to back it up. The flowers would bloom for a little time in the spring, and then the petals would fall and scatter all over the yard. They were perfect to pick up and throw like confetti or flower petals at a wedding. I think going to Japan during cherry blossom season would be magical since it would bring back those memories, surrounding me in them. If I could have that tree in my future yard someday, that would be so wonderful.

Sometimes when I listen to Joe Hisiashi's music, I think somehow I go back that place of innocence, of pink flowers, of dreams. I hope somewhere in this book, it reflects that as well.


Picture: Be sure to check out the Flicker account. The pictures on there are quite beautiful and amazing.

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