Friday, February 20, 2009

Six Word Memoirs

On Valentine's Day, I bookmarked this article about six word memoirs. It was the third time that I had seen this phenomenon mentioned on NPR. Talk of the Nation did a story on a book full of the six word memoirs, Not Quite What I Was Planning by Smith magazine in February 2008. The Bryant Park Project, my favorite (now canceled) program on NPR talked about them and posted on their blog in January 2008 asking for listener comments of their own six word memoirs. Here are my favorites:

"Born looking up at the stars." -Summer
"Wanna grow up, then too old." -Chillag
"What should I write for this?" -Yuna

I guess Smith magazine has released several different versions of the six word memoirs and have plans for more. You can go to their website and submit to various story projects and who knows? You could end up in a book! For now, your memoir will be posted to cyberspace.

Reading through these, I had some good laughs. Some aches in my heart. It is something that I still thought I couldn't participate in and I realized why. I keep thinking of my complete life. My life isn't finished yet. To me, a memoir represents a life completed or a story ready to be told. I am struggling with an ending to a long plot in my life, and I am becoming closer to writing about it. I am almost there, but not quite yet. I can't find those six magical words. I want to have a complete sentence. I might have to give in to the simple, the happy. I still cannot create a complete sentence, but statements. Here I go...

True love. Written Word. Cat. Heaven.

I did it! How about you?


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