Thursday, February 12, 2009

Newbery 2009

I arrived home to find that the John Newbery Medal was announced today. I was thrilled to see that Neil Gaiman won with his fantastic book, The Graveyard Book. I picked up this book opening week and fell in love with it. I took it to Canada with me when we attended a convention there. The year before, I read some of Neil Gaiman's short stories to my husband on the drive up there. I think it is tradition now to take Neil Gaiman's writing to Winnipeg when we go.

I actually had the opportunity last June to ask Neil Gaiman a question on NPR's now defunct The Bryant Park Project (BPP). This show, which I aboslutely adored, had a great podcast and used the Internet to connect with its listeners. One way that they did this was by putting together a book club. Their third book selection was Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys. I have read almost all of Gaiman's books, and will start on his Sandman series this year. I have fallen in love with his writing and was completely thrilled when I was chosen to ask him a question. During the time of the interview, the author was in Minneapolis doing the audio book for The Graveyard Book. So, it is also exciting that I talked to him while he was working on that project. He is a joy to listen to, and it doesn't hurt that he is British! If you want to listen to the BPP interview, you can check it out here. I have to admit, I was quite nervous when I talked to him. They had technical problems and I patiently waited by taking all my breaks at work just to particpate. I really loved listening to the behind the scenes talking during the forty minute wait. I couldn't complain about waiting since I briefly spoke to Neil Gaiman and was on my favorite NPR program at the time!

So, congrats to Neil Gaiman and all the authors who earned honors today! I urge you to check out their books or just get out there and read!


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