Sunday, March 1, 2009

Evolution of Comics (to be continued...)

When I was younger, I wanted to read comics. I didn't have a comic book store within a 100 mile radius, and what I could get my hands on were Disney related comic books. I finally gave in after not having much luck, and just focused on reading books. Then I heard about Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 and my comic book/graphic novel collecting began. Sure, I loved the super hero movies, but I knew I was too far behind to catch up. With Buffy, I could start from where I left off with the series. It was genius!

When I tell people I read comic books and graphic novels, all they hear is "graphic". They think of TV ratings and graphic materials. I have to explain to them that comics rely on graphics, it doesn't describe the content of the book. I am hoping that this will change sooner than later!

Also, I think females have been a growing audience and it will hopefully continue to bring in more readers of both sexes. Mainstream publishers, like Bloomsbury, published Shannon Hale's Rapunzel's Revenge. Diana Gabaldon will have a graphic novel set in her Outlander series, which are generally 1000 page historical fiction novels (but also full of time travel and other nifty things, but no real set genre).

DC may have canceled its series for young girls, but people of all ages might see some treats showing up on the bookshelves over the next few years. I just hope people stay open to the changes in the books and comic industry. I don't think comics/graphic novels will ever replace regular novels, but I think it will tell stories that might never have seen the light of day otherwise.

There are also several popular web comics on the scene like Penny Arcade or Sinfest, but what about online graphic novels? My own husband wrote one and has the cover and teaser synopsis up and will start posting the first pages 3:16. There are so many oppurtunities with the Internet, not just publishing. It is just amazing!

In regards to my own writing, I think I might have something up my sleeve someday. I am completely open to it, and I am interested in seeing what others authors decide to do in the future. So, don't be surprised. This is just the beginning of another evolution of comics, graphic novels, and writing in general!


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