Monday, February 16, 2009

Book Trailers

I have decided to look into book trailers. I watched my very first one today of a young adult novel, and I am not sure what to think about it quite yet. I think it might go with my preference for real art on books, rather than real people and graphic design. Yes, it all depends on the type of books. Fantasy novels, to me, seem much more appealing if they have some beautiful art. Juliet Marillier's books, with art from John Jude Palencar and Kinuko Y. Craft, are a fine example of this.

Times are changing, and my views might as well. Right now I prefer art over graphic design. I would rather see that art and read the synopsis than see a trailer for it. I don't know why, but who knows if my views will change. Sometimes I fear if I get published, I will need to have pictures rather than paintings for my cover art. I never imagined it so, and it is hard to wrap my brain around it now. It will be interesting to see the changes the future will bring.
I celebrated my 27th birthday with friends yesterday. My husband made a special cake for me while we watched movies on Valentine's Day. It was a fine, relaxing weekend that ended far too quickly.


My birthday picture with our kitty Cherrie.

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